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Tips For Choosing the Best Wheelchair Ramp for Your Home

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 Moving wheelchairs from one place to another can be an exhausting task. There are many ways through which one can ease this problem. The best solution for it is getting a wheelchair ramp. They can easily be used by the user himself or by others helping a wheelchair user. Mentioned below are some great tips for people interested in buying a ramp.

Suggestions for selecting the Best Wheelchair Ramp


Information about your Wheelchair 

You should be aware of the specific features of your wheelchair and other such mobility devices. This will help you select the best ramp for your wheelchair. If you are not aware of the wheelchair at your home, selecting a ramp that is too big or small can be a common mistake. You should know all the intricate details like the weight of the wheelchair, accessories, weight of the user and the caregiver. This will ensure that you have the perfect idea for the size of your ramp. All these specifications will help you select a ramp that has the perfect width and height for the user to be comfortably moved.


Many ramps can handle both indoor and outdoor weather. The location is primarily about the surroundings and weather conditions. Small ramps are better if your house has small steps. Large ramps will be suitable for tall rises. While buying a ramp, you should consider environmental factors into account. This surrounding can affect the location of the ramp negatively. You should ensure that the top of the ramp has flattened side rails to fit it perfectly against the door. The location of the ramp should be in such a way that it fits perfectly against curved angles, stairs, or doors. 


You should be aware of the features of your ramp like its portability. If you are travelling to near or far places, you will need a portable ramp. Many such ramps are available that can be folded easily. They generally come with handles to make them more convenient. There are also various modular ramps available for wheelchairs if you are looking for a permanent option. These types of wheelchairs can be disassembled easily. They can also be moved in an easy manner. However, lighter models are better for better portability. 

Vertical Rise/Height

The vertical height or rise of the ramp is an important consideration. Information about the number of steps and height of these steps is a good way. This information will help you calculate the perfect length of the ramp. This ensures that the incline of the ramp is not too steep. For every 1” rise, you should have at least 12” of the ramp. However, this depends on the situation. Some locations might require ramps that have a more gradual incline or a steep incline. Threshold ramps provide the perfect solution for rises and they also provide an appropriate incline for wheelchairs. 

Other Features of Wheelchair Ramp

There are various styles in which a ramp is available. Some styles are integrated traction lines, grit coat, punch plate traction, etc. Many ramps come with features like mounting holes. This type is the best for clients looking for a permanent solution. Some ramps come with a lip extension at the top. This helps ease the change between the ramp and the surface. Ramps can also be installed with rails. This is a great option for providing other uses to the ramp. 

All these features are great if one looks into them before buying a portable wheelchair ramp for their home. These tips should be taken into serious account while buying a ramp. These suggestions will ensure that a person is selecting the best portable Wheelchair ramp for a wheelchair user.

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