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In Quarantine? Here are some things to keep you busy!

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Nowadays, we all are quarantined at our homes as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus. During this time, we can play indoor games to pass the time so that we don’t get bored. Here are few best indoor games described to play by all ages. So, don’t be worried, check the list of things to do in Quarantine.

Best Things To Do In Quarantine

Here is the list of best things to do in Quarantine. Don’t get bored anymore. Check this list.


To start the game, we need to first put down placing three blocks facing down. Make three blocks face the left. Keep on doing this until for all blocks. Jenga played with 2 or more players. Once the tower is built then we can play the game.

  1. Try to take a block out by seeing the short side of it or by pulling it out.
  2. Once you pull it out then place the block on the top of the tower either facing left of the blocks or facing down or vice versa.
  3. Repeat stepno.1 until someone makes the Jenga Tower fall.

Chess, Best Things To Do In Quarantine

List of board games that help to develop thinking abilities and life skills is incomplete without the game of chess. Chess needs no introduction. It is created in India and it’s been around for over 500 years and is one of the world’s most popular strategy games.

Playing chess promotes brain growth. It fuels dendrite growth and it helps in exercising both sides of the brain. In addition, playing chess can increase IQ.  A study conducted in Venezuela which involved 4,000 students found that 4 months of chess instruction increased the student’s IQ scores.

Chess teaches a lot of valuable skills including the following:

  • It teaches how to focus and concentrate:  In order to play chess well you have to focus completely on the board that’s in front of you. As you constantly see the board, its pieces, your moves, and your opponent’s possible counter moves it will make your power of concentration grow.
  • It teaches planning and foresight: Chess teaches foresight by having to plan ahead.
  • It improves logical thinking:  When you’re playing chess then you have to keep saying the following to yourself: “If I do this, then my opponent is likely to do that.” That’s logical thinking in action.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a multiple player strategy board game in which each player is a settler on the island of Catan. The board is a map of Catan. In this game, players try to become the commanding force in Catan by gathering resources in order to build cities, settlements, and roads. The resources are wood, grain, brick, sheep and stone. Here the resources are represented by game cards.

By playing Settler of Catan you will learn all of the following:

  • Resource management: Players have to choose how they can allocate the resources that they acquire.
  • Negotiation: A player can’t win a game of Settlers of Catan without negotiating with other players in order to trade for the resources that they need. Of course, many different aspects will impact the negotiations that are the current value of each of the resources. You may not want to trade with someone if that ensures their victory even if they have something you need. You may not want to trade with someone if they refused to trade with you when you needed a particular resource and so on.
  • Analysis of the current environment and how that impacts your chances of winning the game: How have the other players established their settlements?  Which resources have lost value because they’re no longer needed? What resources have risen in demand? Given the current situation, are there certain resources you’ll want to board?

Kloo| Best Things To Do In Quarantine

The Kloo game was created by an American game designer named Andrew who is married to an Italian. He takes his family which consists of his wife and his two girls to Europe once a year. So he wanted the girls to learn languages. Actually his daughters didn’t enjoy language lessons and the material they were using was ineffective.

That is why Andrew decided to create a game that would copy the way we learn our first language. He wanted to make learning languages easier and have fun at the same time. And that’s how Kloo was born. When Andrew tested his game he found that both kids and adults learn an average of 20 to 30 words in their target foreign language per game. And without even realizing it. Kloo games are available to learn Spanish, French, Italian and English languages. 

Chutes and Ladders

Here are some of the lessons in dealing with life’s challenges which you can learn from Chutes and Ladders game.

  • The first lesson is that you need to accept that chutes are just a part of the game of life. You have to plan everything very carefully because at one time you’ll also slide down a chute. The chute can be short, medium-sized or very long. That’s just the way it is.
  • The second lesson is that you can still recover from sliding down to a shoot. In fact, sliding down from a chute may even be a good thing. After all, when you fall back to the beginning of the game this gives you another chance to land on the longest ladder on the board which shoots you right up to the top.
  • The third lesson is that there are chutes everywhere, the same way there are also ladders everywhere. When you least expect it, a great opportunity can present itself. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.


Monopoly, a real estate board game for 2 to 8 players is a classic game. In this game, players buy and develop pieces of property and whoever has the most money in the end wins. Basically  the game is an explanation of capitalism.

The following are life lessons from this game:

  • To win in life you have to think like a game player. Establish your goals and before making any decision you have to ask the following question like Will it brings me closer to my goals or will it cause me to veer off course?
  • Monopoly teaches the necessity of investing in order to grow your savings. And also to wisely spread your investments in the event because one choice does not turn out as you anticipated.
  • You should keep enough cash in hand to pay for typical setbacks in the game and in life.


Everyone loves playing Scrabble games but not everyone knows how to play the game properly. There are set up rules that come with each game but no one actually wants to read them. This video will teach you the basics of playing scrabble games.

In this game, players earn points by making words with letter tiles and placing them on a grid. Each letter has a different point value. There are tiles of 100 letters  and only one letter tile can fit in a grid space.

Draw seven letter tiles:

Each player removes one tile out of the tile bag. The player that gets the letter on the tile closest to the letter A goes first. Each player then picks seven tiles from the tile bag.

Score each word:

Match each word score by adding point values for each letter in the word. The player will get 0 points for a blank tile to 10 points for the letters Q and Z. Keep track of the word scores for each player with a pen and paper.

Continue play:

The players should continue playing in a counterclockwise direction around the board. During each turn a player will decide either to place a word on the board, exchange tiles or pass.

Choose new tiles:

After placing a word on the board the player will draw an equal number of new tiles from the tile bag so that each player always has seven tiles.

Keep going:

All letters played must become at least one letter that is already on the board to form at least one complete word. When one player has used all of their tiles or no one can make more words and the game ends.

Challenge words:

Consult a dictionary when challenging. If the word isn’t in the dictionary then the player loses their turn. If the word is found then the challenger loses their turn.

Calculate the scores:

Calculate each player’s final score by counting the points from all of their word scores. Then subtract the sum of their unplayed letters. If one player has used up all of their letters then add the sum of everyone else’s unplayed letters to their score. The player with the highest score wins.

Carrom | Best Things To Do In Quarantine

Carrom is a tabletop game that begins in India. It is played in a group often with family, at a social event or with friends. The objective is to use your finger to flick your Striker at the Carrom Coins and forcing them to fall into any of the four corner pockets. The winner is the first player or the team to pocket all their own Coins and sometimes the Queen.

Lightly dust the Board with Carrom Powder and place the Queen in the center circle in the middle of the Board. Arrange the Carrom Coins around the Queen by keeping alternating the dark and light pieces in a circle. Determine which player is going first. To do this you should toss a coin or guess which hand your opponent is holding their striker.

The break shot must be taken by clicking your striker from between the rectangular baselines. The Striker should touch both baselines but should not touch any of the diagonal lines. When breaking the carrom coins if the player fails to make the Striker leave both baselines then they can try again up to three times before the turn passes to the opposition.

Make sure you use a high-quality Carrom Powder to ensure your striker is gliding across the board smoothly. To cover the Queen a player should first pocket their own color coin. Then on their subsequent go, pocket the Queen. If a Queen is pocketed on players’ first turn then the Queen gets returned to the center of the board. After a player has pocketed and correctly covered the Queen then the board will be won by the player who sinks all their own Coins.

Cluedo Game

Setup the Game Board:

Players want to make sure that they have all of the contents needed for the game:

  • The Clue game board
  • One die
  • A pad of detective notebook sheets
  • A secret envelope
  • Six suspect tokens
  • Six murder weapons
  • 21 cards

Playing the Game:

The character Miss Scarlett takes the first turn. Turns continue clockwise around the table. A player’s turn will come and they will roll the die and move their playing piece on the spaces it says on the yellow squares. Players will move into a room as long as the number they roll reaches the number needed to go into the room. There are several additional rules to note:

  • Players can move only horizontally or vertically, never diagonally.
  • Players can’t enter a space or doorway they have already entered on the same turn.
  • Players can move through a doorway to enter a room, but this ends their movement.
  • Players can’t move through a yellow space occupied by another player, but multiple players can be in the same room.
  • Players who start their turn in a room with a secret passage can use it instead of rolling the die. This will put their character in another room across the board ending their movement.


Set is a card game in which each card contains four features which are color (red, purple or green), shape (oval, squiggle or diamond), number (one, two or three) and shading (solid, striped or outlined). A set is three cards where each feature individually is either all the same or all different. Set has won more than 35 best game awards including MENSA Select.

Playing a Set game teaches pattern recognition. The ability to recognize patterns gives us the ability to predict what will happen next with accuracy. That is predicting what other people are likely to do and how circumstances are likely to play out and what has a high probability of occurring next in your environment.

There are many people who think that the purpose of intelligence is prediction. After all, the better you are at predicting what will happen in the future based on patterns that you’ve recognized in the past and in the present the more likely it is that you’ll succeed in life.

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