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Simple Tips To Organize Your Recipes | The Best Recipe Management Methods!

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One of the most challenging things to store are the recipes that your mother might have told you, or you might have learned from somewhere. No matter how much you want to keep them nice, you cannot find the one that you need at a particular time.

Though there might be a lot of apps and management trackers, there are a lot of us out there who do not want to follow them and stick to the traditional pen and paper approach. Let us discuss how you can store your recipes in this post.

I usually paste it into Evernote when I come across an online recipe that I want to try. One of two things happens: it goes into my mental category “I’ll make it someday,” or I start cooking it so much, I memorize the recipe. A few go-to recipes that have not been committed to memory yet are handwritten sluggishly on post-it notes tucked inside my cabinet doors, so they’re right there when I need them.

Suppose you’re watching TV cooking programs that make it look so simple, reading cookbooks full of beautiful looking recipes, or just trying something delicious at a friends’ house. In that case, you want to get the recipe right away and make it yourself.

It’s the height of ambition – and I’m all for trying recipes, I am – it’s just that all too often when we need it, we can’t find the recipe we like, or (worse yet!) we can’t even recall that we had the recipe at all!

Decide Whether You Want To Go Digital Or Remain On Paper

Just as two diaries are never a good idea due to the increased risk of double booking and/or missing something – any system you set up at home should be failsafe.

This means you should always choose a system that suits you – and make it as user friendly as possible. Whether you decide to use digital (Evernote, Pinterest, Word document, etc …) or paper (Recipe file, Index cards, Recipe books, etc …)-you should make sure this system is right for you and how you prefer to work.

I prefer paper (as I usually do – I’m old at heart!) – a recipe file is something I can touch and feel – and I just use an A4 folder to collect all the recipes that I love.

Store All Your Recipes At One Place

It is a joy to go there and choose things to cook when you create a spot for all the recipes you’ve made, that the family enjoys, and that you’re going to use again and again. You have no worries that the recipes won’t work, and you’ll be making your very own personalized recipe book full of loved dishes.

TIP – A family recipe book is a perfect gift for a son/daughter who moves away from home – they can also create their favorites for their own families.

Keep Them Handy

If you want to store your recipes in a digital or paper, version-structured storage is vital.

That means filing! You want to make sure that anything you need is straightforward to find when you need it, just like any filing you do. If not, you’ll stop using it altogether.

Split the recipes into categories that make sense to you, please don’t include too many classes as they can become too overwhelming. If your recipes are a joy to use, then you will get more use out of them, and it will pay for all the effort to get them prepared.

Download A Recipe Management App

One of the best ways to stay connected with recipes is by keeping them on a recipe management app. All your recipes in one place and without the stress of losing them.

How many times did you score a recipe on a paper slip, only to lose it when you need it? When your cookbook is stuffed with tonnes of sticky notes, loose-leaf papers, and old family recipes, your nuts may be driven by its disorganization.

Fortunately, installing a recipe management app on your smartphone can solve this problem with ease. Recipe managers can help you find the recipes, create them, and store them. You can even save recipes written by hand without typing them in one by one. There are many recipe management apps in the market today like Yummly, Paprika recipe management, Dvo, and more. 

When cooking, the only time that you can feel stressed out is when your skillet catches fire. If you are annoyed by your cluttered cookbook, it is time you got rid of it. A good cook knows disorganization is a disaster cure.

Are you seeking inspiration for your next recipe? These specific cooking channels on YouTube will give you some delicious ideas. And if you choose to turn to a vegan diet, those vegan apps and pages will make it easier for you to change. Just coffee, right? Check out the coffee-lovers apps and websites available on google play store and download them. 

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