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Become A Travel Savvy With these Cool Traveling Tips!

Traveling Tips for Everyone to make your experience memorable in the good way.

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Unlike professional travelers, not everyone is a born traveler. For them, it all comes with their experiences and all. When you just start traveling, you make a lot of mistakes, and it’s Okay!

Missed buses, unawareness of your surroundings, packing disasters, this is all very common among every newborn traveler and even the experienced ones. Although becoming a full proof travel-savvy will take time, but below I am mentioning a few things that might help you achieve that quicker.

In the list of below, I have mentioned some traveling tips that I have found very helpful myself. These tips will not only help you figure out the best way to travel, but will also help you save money, understanding cultural differenced, and overall becoming a great traveler.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start with some of the best packing tips for your travels.

1. Do Carry a Small Backpack

No, I am not talking about carrying an additional backpack along with the rest of them. I have seen people overpack all the time. By going with the small suitcase, you will be forced to pack less and lite.

I am sure that you have done this – “Hey, there is a little space left in my bag, I think I should carry XYZ, maybe I will need it”. Although, you know you don’t.

So, to avoid this, stick with the small backpack.

2. Never Forget Your Towel

In my experience, carrying a towel is one of the basic things I note when packing. This is the one thing that nobody knows when it will come handy. No matter if you are going for a hike or a dive, or a picnic, packing the towel is a must.

3. Always Go With the Extra Pair of Socks

This is one of the best traveling tips that I have gathered over the years that no matter how good of a manager you are of your stuff, during traveling, you tend to lose shit like socks. Especially during a hike, it is very important to have an extra pair of socks handy. So, here you go, pack some extra pairs of socks. Weird but true!

Now, for more packing tips, I will create another article, but for now, let’s jump to the rest of the traveling tips –

4. Always Carry Extra Band Debit / Credit Cards

Having a backup while traveling is the best traveling tip anyone can give you. Especially when it comes to money. No matter how careful you are disasters may happen.

There is a saying “Better safe than sorry”. So, I would always recommend you to carry extra debit/credit cards with you because being cashless or fundless while traveling can become a pain in your ass.

In addition to that, while we are on the financial traveling tips, I must add that it is smart to always go with the no-fee bank cards. It just doesn’t feel right to just give banks your hard-earned money for no good reason, right? So, while you are traveling always prefer the cards that don’t charge for any foreign transaction or ATM fee.

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5. Another Cool Traveling Tip Is That You Should Experience Solo Traveling Once

Yes, Traveling is the best way to learn and explore. You must have heard stories about solo traveling and thought what a cool idea. Well! Along with being cool, solo traveling is one of the best ways of learning. It might seem a little uncomfortable at first, but once you are out there on your own, you will have impeccable experiences that you can’t even think of if traveling with someone. So, this traveling tips list highlight for me is this idea of Solo Traveling.

6. Always Pay a Visit to the Local Tourism Office

There is no way that you land in a place where there is no tourism office. And if you have, please lemme know, I would love to visit there. Anyways, this next point coming up in the list of best traveling tips is the idea of visiting the local tourism office. Apart from having all the information you might need, here you will also be offered exceptional discounts on transportation and activities.

I don’t know why most of the travelers skip this phase because this is the best way to get familiar with the place where you are or the events happening around and much more. So, visit tourism boards and save money as well as your precious time.

7. Get Your Own Lock & Key

No, I am not paranoid. This is helpful, especially if you are staying in dorms or shared spaces. Locking your stuff is not uncool, it’s smart. So, always keep an extra lock with you so that you are never screwed up.

8. Keep Digital As Well As Printed Copies of Your Documents

I have heard many people complain about them losing their passport etc. This is the reason why this point is added in this list of best travel tips. Always and I mean always keep the extra copies of your passport and all important documents so that in case you lose the originals, you have copies in hand.

9. Do Some Prior Research

Before you take just a direct flight and land somewhere, make sure you are aware of the place you are visiting. Read about the place and find out what’s interesting there. It is vital to be aware of the culture and the history of the place.

10. Be Smart Visit the Historical Sites During Lunch Time

Well, this is my travel secret when it comes to exploring historical places. Mostly these places are all filled up. Luckily, during lunchtime, this is not the case. In fact, there is no rush at all and you will be able to enjoy the place to the fullest.

These are some of the traveling tips that I think you should keep in mind while planning your next trip. Although these are not all the tips, still, I think for now this will do. Remember, I will keep adding to this list now and then.

Cheers. 🙂 

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