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Rajasthan | Places To Visit, Best Time To Visit, How To Reach? [Complete Travel Guide]

Rajasthan, the royal jewel of India is one of the states that is known to have a lot to explore. No matter what you are looking for whether you are planning a Rajasthan vacation to explore the historical bliss of the country or tickle yourself with the cultural aura of the country, it is always going to be highly satisfactory.

The perfect blend of history, culture, religion, and modernization, that is what Rajasthan trip will entice you with. Luckily, being one of the most loved tourist places in the country, there are many Rajasthan Travel Packages in the market to choose from. Here, we are listing everything that you would need to explore Rajasthan and make a perfect Rajasthan Tour Itinerary.

10 Best Places to Visit In Rajasthan (The Most Famous Rajasthan Tourist Attractions)

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states in India. With so many stunning places to visit in Rajasthan, it is one of the most visited tourist places in India.

Jaisalmer, Best Places To Visit In Rajasthan


It won’t be wrong to say that no trip to Rajasthan is complete without a visit to Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is known as the golden city of India because of the bounteous golden dunes & castles. You can experience the fun and zeal of camping in the beautiful desert of Jaisalmer. The royal castles and Havelis on the land of Jaisalmer has made this city one of the best historical places in Rajasthan. So, when planning the Rajasthan tour itinerary, make sure to enter Jaisalmer to the list of places to visit. When in the city of Jaisalmer, you should visit Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake, Desert National Park, Jain Temples, and also enjoy the Desert Safari.

Udaipur, Rajasthan's Crown Jewel


Most of the Jaipur holiday packages include a visit to Udaipur, the city of Lakes. Defining the beauty of this place is beyond words. With the beautiful Aravalli Hills surrounding the city, Jaipur is one of the most exotic places in Rajasthan that one should visit. With so many places to check out in the city, it has become the best tourist places in Rajasthan. These places include Lake Pichola, City Palace, Sajjangarh Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Eklingji Temple, and Vintage Car Museum. Most of the people might not be aware, but Udaipur is also known as the pride of Rajasthan.

Jaipur, Best Tourist Attraction In Rajasthan

Jaipur, the Pink City, is one of the most stunning places to visit in Rajasthan. The city is the capital of Rajasthan and has an astonishing history. Being ruled by Rajputs for many centuries, there are many beautiful monuments in Jaipur. Along with the historical buildings and architecture to explore, Rajasthan, Jaipur also has several modern amenities like breathtaking modern architectures, resorts, and hotels.

When describing Jaipur, one always pictures the string of majestic buildings, resplendent forts speaking of the city’s rich history, and heart-throbbing tales of battles. Because of all these things, Jaipur has become the center of tourism in Rajasthan.

There are many places to visit in Jaipur like Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort, Pink City, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, and Chokhi Dhani. So, if you are planning a Rajasthan holiday, make sure that Jaipur is on the top in the list of best places to visit in Rajasthan.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Although Rajasthan is the city renowned for desert, still the state houses one prominent and loved hill station, Mount Abu. Counted among the 10 best places to visit in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is known for its intricate architecture of Dilwara Temples and beautiful landscapes surrounded by the perfect blend of flora and fauna. Tourists here can enjoy the calm and relaxing boating in the breathtaking Nakki Lake. Apart from all these, there are many more places that you can check out when in Mount Abu. Some of these places are Guru Sikhar, Arbuda Devi Temple, Achalgarh Village, and Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. So, when in Rajasthan, you should visit this beautiful hill station, Mount Abu.

jodhpur culture
mount abu
mount-abu lake

Jodhpur, Best Tourist Attraction in Rajasthan, India

Jodhpur, the former capital of Marwar, is one of the enchanting cities in Rajasthan. Also known as the Blue City, Jodhpur is famous among the tourists for its blissful Mehranfarg Fort as well as Gateway to Thar. Moving from the beautiful and blissful forts, the city is also renowned for several temples, lakes, and traditional shopping streets. When in Jodhpur, one must explore the market encircling the clock tower to taste the real tint of authentic Rajasthan. When in Jodhpur, you should check out Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ghanta Ghar, Flying Fox Jodhpur, & Mandore Garden.

Ajmer, Best Places To Visit In Rajasthan

Among all other remarkable cities in Rajasthan, Ajmer is one of the famous tourist spots in the state. Here, you can witness the eye-catching Mughal architecture with the spirituality rolling over the entire land of Ajmer. So, if you are looking to explore the religious and historical bliss of the state, Ajmer is the place you should visit. You should check out Ajmer Sharif, Akbar’s Palace & Museum, Nareli Jain Temple, Clock Tower, an Adhai Din Ka Jhopra, while you are exploring the city.

Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Bharatpur, the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan is among the popular tourist destinations in the state. Being home to Keoladeo National Park, one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, this city has made its place among the best places to visit in Rajasthan. There is a lot more than a Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur that makes it to the list of best tourist places in the state. Along with the national park, there are many other places that you must check out like Bharatpur Palace & Museum, Banke Bihari Temple, Shopping in Bharatpur, Ganga Mandir, and Lohagarh Fort.

Forts In Rajasthan You Should Explore

The view of serene and majestic bliss of history with the fainted traditional beats falling over your ears at Chittorgarh Fort (Chittorgarh Ka Killa) is an experience to live for. The awe-worthy view of the city below adds on to the experience of being somewhere significant. Regarded as a symbol of Rajput Chivalry, bravery & conquer, Chittor Fort is situated 175 km east of Udaipur.   There is a belief that the fort is named after the one who built it, Chitranagada Mori.

This one fort is home to several exotic palaces, Fateh Prakash Palace, Rana Kumbha Palace, Rani Padmini’s Palace, and the Fateh Prakash Palace and some divine temples such as Jain temples. This fort made its own history when Rani Padmavati (Rani Padmini) conferred Jauhar here along with several other women during the fall of Rana Ratan Singh during their battle with Allaudin Khilji.

Kumbhalgarh, Best Places To Visit In Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh is famous for many things, the gigantic snake-like fortress being the most attractive places to visit in Rajasthan. The charm of the city is even magnified with the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary being another stone on the tiara of the city. Apart from these two tourist destinations, there are many other attractive places that you should check out when in Kumbhalgarh that is Badal Mahal, Neekanth Mahadeo Temple, and Mammadev Temple.

Chittorgarh. Rajasthan

When planning a vacation to Rajasthan, one should keep Chittorgarh in the list of places you should visit in Rajasthan. Chittorgarh is the capital of Mewar and is known to be a land of forts, ruins, immortal folklore of sacrifice, and ruins. With so much history to share the city is considered to be the best among the historical places in Rajasthan. Every tourist should pay a visit to Chittorgarh Fort, Gau Mukh Kund, Maha Sati, Vijay Stambh, and Rana Kumbha’s palace.

Alwar, Rajasthan Tourist Attraction


Rajasthan is famous for its rich history and exotic culture. Being renowned as the tiger gate of Rajasthan, Alwar is quite an inviting city. The city attracts not only the culture explorers but also has a magnetic impact on those who love to get close to wildlife. The city is home to Sariska Tiger Reserve along with several historical Havelis. Although the city is not very tourist-friendly still is a small peaceful city to enjoy your vacation. When in Alwar, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of Bala Quila Fort, Moti Dungri, Siliserh Lake Palace, Bhangarh Fort, and much more.  So, when it comes to planning a vacation in Rajasthan, Alwar should be on the list of places you should visit.

Best Restaurants in Rajasthan

When it comes to traveling, finding a perfect restaurant is one of the most challenging parts of it all. This is the reason why we have the list of 5 best restaurants in Rajasthan for you.

Cinnamon, Jaipur

With the heart-warming ambiance and exquisite menu, Cinnamon has become one of the most loved restaurants in the Pink City. With so many dishes to choose from, the restaurant has become the best choice when it comes to enjoying a delicious meal.

  • Must-Try – Rajasthani Thali
  • Address – Jacob Road, Civil Lines Jaipur, Rajasthan

Sunset Pavilion, Places To Eat In Rajasthan

Located in the beautiful city of Jodhpur, the restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Rajasthan. Decorated with the motifs native it is the one place that serves royal barbecue & international grills.

  • Must-Try – The Royal Barbecue
  • Address – Circuit House Rd, Cantt Area, Cantt Area Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

When it comes to finding the best restaurant in Rajasthan, Jaipur. The extendable menu with the blend of Indian and global dishes, the place has won over the hearts of locals for its tasteful food.

  • Must-Try – Chicken Tikka
  • Address –  51, Hathroi Fort, Hari Kishan Somani Marg, Ajmer Road, Hathroi, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Sunset Pavilion, Places To Eat In Rajasthan

Jodhpur is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan and is unquestionably the most stunning place to enjoy a meal while tickling all your nerves to experience the orgasmic taste of the food they serve. Apart from the delicious flavors, the place is also the city’s first boutique hotel. So, if you are looking to enjoy the authentic taste of Old Delhi, it is the best choice. The view of Mehrangarh Fort from the rooftop of this restaurant makes it even more perfect for a romantic evening.

  • Must-Try – Dal Makhani
  • Address –  Gulab Sagar Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Restaurant Ambrai

Renowned for its multi-cuisine menu, the restaurant is one of the famous spots in Udaipur to enjoy the tandoori dishes. With the view to Lake Pichola, the restaurant has become the goto place for everyone who wants to relax while enjoying the perfectly delicious meal.

  • Must-Try – Tandoori Platter
  • Address – Naga Nagri Out Side, Chand Pole, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Traditional Food Of Rajasthan You Must Try

After Punjab, Rajasthan is one of the richest states in India that has an abundance of things for one to explore. Apart from the places, the food of Rajasthan is also one of the reasons for tourists to visit the state. So, if you are looking to explore Rajasthan, make sure that you try out these dishes we have mentioned below.

1. Dal Bati Churma

When it comes to the traditional food of Rajasthan, Dal Bati is always on the top of the list. Crunchy batis dipped in ghee and served with daal & sweet Churma makes it perfect for foodies looking to taste the authentic Rajasthani flavor.

2. Mohan Thaal

Another dish that one must try when in Rajasthan is Mohan Thaal. This is one of the royal desserts and is perfect to feed your sweet tooth.

3. Laal Maas

For all the non-vegetarians who have booked the Rajasthan holiday package must know that when in Rajasthan you should try out the Laal Maas dish. This dish is made by cooking meat in the hot and spicy gravy of tomatoes.

4. Mirchi Bada

Another dish that one should try when in Rajasthan is the snacky delight made out of fried stuffed Mirchi. This snack is perfect to enjoy with evening tea.

5. Kalakand

Coming to another dessert that is popular in Rajasthan is Kalakand. It is an ancient sweet dish that tastes like heaven. In fact, Alwar is renowned for the best Kalakand in the country.

Emergency Numbers

Know every emergency number before you visit Rajasthan. Be prepared.

  • Police – 100
  • Ambulance – 108 / 102 / 104
  • Women Helpline – 181
means of commuting rajasthan

Mean of Commuting

While planning the visit to Rajasthan, it is important that you find out the answer to the question – how to reach Rajasthan. Although most of the Rajasthan Holiday Packages already cover the cost of travel, still it is vital to understand how to travel when in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, being one of the popular tourist destinations in India is one of the well-connected states in the country by air, by rail and even by road. The best way to reach Rajasthan is to take a flight landing to Jaipur International Airport.

Final Words

There are many places to visit Rajasthan. Above, we have a complete yet crisp travel guide to Rajasthan, the largest state of India. Along with several historical places in Rajasthan, the state is full of exciting things to do for every tourist.

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