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Fascinating Story Behind The Birth of Famous Rock Garden, Chandigarh

History of Rock Garden, Chandigarh

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The story of the birth of famous Rock Garden in Chandigarh dates back to 15th December 1924 when the mastermind as I see him, Nek Chand was born in Barian Kalan in Shakargarh, Gurdaspur District. These were the years when India got its highly earned independence and sadly fell into the partition. As a result of this partition of India and Pakistan, the place of birth of Nek Chand is now a part of Pakistan. It was in 1947 when Nek Chand and his entire family migrated to Chandigarh.  

1947 was the year when the work of the first planned city, Chandigarh was under process. It was then when famous French architect Le Corbusier was planning out the plan of the city that now is renowned for its beauty and architecture among other things. During this time the soon to be genius, Nek Chand got into the job of Road Inspector. As boring as the job sounds, the flame of passion and the overloaded talent of Nek Chand was waiting to burst out.

This desire of finding something to express his talent led to collecting waste materials from demolition sites in and around the city and dumping it in the place well hidden. Who knew then, that he is planning a fairyland in the back of his mind. As the story reveals, every night Nek Chand would visualize and extend his dream of building a fantasy world of his own. His creativity and his vision blended together brought a beautiful masterpiece in this world that now is renowned by the name – “Rock Garden”. 

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It went the same way every night for 18 years after which the authorities caught the wind of his work. In the year 1975, this secret of Nek Chand caught the eyes of authorities and by then the masterpiece already spread over 13 acres.

This beautiful creation was in danger then as it was about to get destroyed for being illegal. Luckily, the admiration and love of the people for his work and art saved this creation. Not only this but, right then, it also got an official stamp of recognition and was opened for the public to enjoy and acknowledge its beauty.

All the sculptures here are made from the waste material like broken glass, bottles, electric waste. It was in 2015 when Nek Chand took his last breath.

Today, his work, his art or what I love to call it, his vision brings joy to people and fame to the city, Chandigarh. His creation, Rock Garden Chandigarh will always be remembered by his name. His artistic vision has given the city a gem to remember him by.

Rock Garden today, stands out as one of the major tourist attractions in Chandigarh sitting on the side of Sukhna Lake.

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