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Pinjore Gardens (Yadvinder Garden), Chandigarh – Everything You Should Know!

Here is all that you wanna know about the famous Pinjore Gardens in Chandigarh. Scroll below to find the best things to do in Pinjore Gardens, Chandigarh.

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Built-in 17th Century, Pinjore Gardens, Chandigarh is one of the most stunning gardens in the vicinity. Located in the district of Panchkula, Haryana this garden expands over 100 acres of land. This beautiful garden is renowned for its well-maintained greenery and mesmerizing water bodies along with some refreshing fountains. Pinjore Garden is one of the famous tourist places in the tricity. 

Terrace Gardens illustrated here are one of the reasons why this place attracts so many tourists. I visited this place during the month of April, the time when the place celebrates the festival of Baisakhi and organizes the annual Mango Festival. 

I went there expecting a beautiful festival celebration and definitely got one. But lucky me, along with that I also came in acquaintance with the beautiful spread of flora and mini zoo. While exploring a little more I also found out an area dedicated to historic places like a Japanese garden, a splendid nursery, and a delightful picnic spot. 

After an hour of exploring this admirable garden, I could definitely say that it is the place for everyone and for every age group. 

Let’s Explore a little more of this exotic Pinjore Garden

As I explored this famous Pinjore Garden I noticed that it has been constructed following the Charbagh pattern that is actually a traditional style of Mughals. The string of terrace gardens running throughout the place definitely caught my interest. The appearance of these terrace gardens descending into the distance took my breath away. 

The aroma of the place filled with different species of flowering plants, shrubs, and other trees was very relaxing and soothing. While I walked down the lane below the panoply of a tall string of long trees, I encountered an interesting open-air theater at the end of a pathway.

The shimmering glimpse of water running through the fountains and arched balconies made it more impressive than it already was for me.

Jumping Back in Time

As a force of habit, after I came back from my trip from Pinjore Garden, I studied more of its history. During my exploration of its history, I found out that this garden was created by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb along with his cousin Nawab Fidai Khan, a famous architect of the time. 

Once when Fiadi Khan visited the valley of Pinjore he was completely enchanted by its beauty and suggested to build the now famous Pinjore Garden. Unfortunately, while the work was in progress, a woman was struck by Goutre which resulted in people stopping the work. 

It was later in 1775 when Maharaja Amar Singh acquired Pinjore and resumed the construction and completed the work of this beautiful tourist attraction in Chandigarh. 

Address – Ambala-Shimla Highway, Pinjore, Haryana 134102

Timings – 7:00AM – 11:00PM 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some amazing and helpful questions that are frequently asked about Pinjore Garden.

What is the best time to explore Pinjore Garden?

Well! The evening is the best time of the day to visit this exotic Pinjore Garden. I visited Pinjore Gardens in the evening and it was a perfect trip. However, I heard that the garden reflects a different ambiance after sunset and the garden justified it. 

What are the best things one could do at Pinjore Gardens?

There are many things that one could enjoy doing at Pinjore Gardens, Chandigarh. Among those things are Mini Zoo, Nursery, Japanese Garden, enjoying street food, and Camel ride. 

Mini Zoo – Along with the beautiful spread of aromatic flora, the garden also holds a mini zoo that habitats various species of animals and birds. 

Japanese Garden – There is an area that is developed as an exotic Japanese garden with a pleasant water body, beautifully structured tiered tower, a bridge to click some insta-worthy pictures, and a stunning statue of Japanese mythological creatures.

Nursery – There is a nursery at the premises has a plethora of flowering and other plants. Here, you can also purchase getting plants for your home garden. 

Enjoying Camel Ride – Yes! You can see the camels sitting at the side of the pathway waiting for you to ride them.

Street Food – There are many vendors all around the garden that are selling delicious and mouth-watering snacks to ease your hunger while exploration. 

Are there any celebrations that happen at Pinjore Gardens that are worth being a part of?

If you are planning to visit the famous Pinjore Garden, you must know that there are many celebrations, fairs, and festivals that are organized here. The 3 major celebrations that I would love you to enjoy are – 

Baisakhi Festival, April

Celebrated in the month of April every year, Pinjore Garden organizes a grand event around Baisakhi. During the time they organize eclectic daytime performances, food stalls, craft bazaar, and competitions of different sorts. 

Mango Festival, July 

The Mango Festival or Mango Mela is celebrated in the month of July every year. This festival exhibits several varieties of mangoes that are grown all around the country. 

Pinjore Heritage Festival, December 

This is the festival that is celebrated every year in the month of December as a tribute of the Mughal Gardens. During this festival, the entire garden is lit up with the beautiful lights making it even more stunning than ever. The visual of this place then becomes breathtaking. In the evening all the visitors are entertained with different performances. Not only this, there are many competitions that are held during this festival for the people. Some of these competitions are drawing, rangoli, folk dance, and mehendi competition. 

For those who love food, this festival is a good place for you to indulge in scrumptious local food. 

How to reach the famous Pinjore Garden?

It is very easy to reach the stunning Pinjore Garden. This garden is around 22 Kilometers away from the main city of Chandigarh. There are many modes of commutation between Chandigarh and Pinjore Gardens. 

Cab services are easily available in Chandigarh. Along with that if you are planning to drive on your own to Pinjore Gardens, all you have to do is follow NH5 and you will be there. 

You may also like to read about the famous Chandigarh’s Botanical Garden.

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