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6 Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam that will Quench Your Thirst for Caffeine – 2019 List

Here is the list of some amazing coffee shops in Amsterdam to enjoy a delicious snack with a cup of great coffee.

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Amsterdam is one hell of a city to visit. Everyone who has been there would agree with the statement. With the blissful view and extraordinary culture, the Amsterdam city is renowned for one more thing – the coffee shops. There are more than 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam and picking out the best out of them is one very difficult task. Luckily, we have managed to create this list for you on the basis of some personal experience, some reviews we heard from others and some on a pure instinct basis. 

Between the choices from the cozy hideaways to the gezelligheid, a Dutch concept based bright corners surrounded by modern and fascinating neighborhoods. The best part here is if you are not a big fan of coffee unlike me, don’t worry these cafes in Amsterdam are all stocked up with the variety of food and beverages to catch your interest. 

Let’s get to the list of these 6 amazing coffee shops in Amsterdam – 2019 Update!

Below is a list of some amazing places in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a delicious snack with the caffeine kick on the side. 

CT Coffee & Coconuts

The name itself is so delicious, CT Coffee & Coconuts is one of the high ceilinged places designed in the 1920s. This cafe of Amsterdam has been winning the heart of every customer that entered through its door. Just like the name suggests, this place serves both coffee and coconuts. We are not kidding, this place serves coconuts with straw in it and lime on the side. 

This is not where the story of this admirable place ends. The food at this place is pretty amazing. Being specialists in coconuts, the chefs of this cafe has definitely nailed the coconut pancakes with whipped coconut cream. 

Star Point – They do care about Gluten-free food lovers. 

Address – Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Contact – +31(0)20 354 11 04

Cut Throat Barber & Coffee

This Dam Square based coffee shop in Amsterdam is one of the regulars for the people living in the city, Amsterdam. Interestingly designed, this bright yellow-tiled archway of once a stock exchange has a defined separation between the barbershop and the coffee shop. This cafe in Amsterdam is one of the places where you can groom yourself and treat yourself with a caffeine shot. 

In addition to delicious coffee, Cut Throat Barber & Coffee is also famous for its New Zealand-inspired brunch option and a classic American diner menu like say Man Bun Burger. 

Address – Beursplein 5, 1012 JV Amsterdam

Contact – +31 6 253 43769

Hartje Oost, A Place for perfect Coffee in Amsterdam

This is the one coffee shop in Amsterdam East that is frequently visited by the people and for many reasons. The place is a hot spot to enjoy a glass of wine and a light meal. The boutique around the cafe is just a cherry on top of the cake. The best part about this place is its authenticity, there no hush here, in fact, the coffee and food here is not complicated and is very simple. 

We definitely would recommend you to try out the reasonably priced and tasteful Aperol Spritz when at Hartje Oost

Star Point – The boutique located here is one of the perfect shopping places for everyone. 

Address – Hartje Oost, Javastraat 23, 1094 GZ Amsterdam

Contact – 020-2332137

De Bakkerswinkle, Amsterdam

The fragrance of freshly baked scones & ice cream always tempts everyone passing by the De Bakkerwinkle. This place is located in the Red Light District that is renowned for its quietness and peaceful streets away from the bustling crowds and stag parties. Unlike most other coffee shops in Amsterdam, inside there you will hear more Dutch than English. 

Address – Warmoesstraat 69, Amsterdam

Cafe De Jaren – The Cafe in Amsterdam

This beautifully designed cafe De Jaren is located in the old side of the city. The interiors of this Amsterdam located coffee shop will definitely bring back the memory of very old Europe. However, the tiled floor-to-ceiling windows, the salad bar buffet speak contrary to what we said before. The view from the terrace here will definitely turn your head around. 

Star Point – This is one of the cafes in Amsterdam where you can actually reserve the terrace tables. 

The Main Bar At Foodhallen

This place, Foodhallen is one of the renowned and first indoor food markets in Amsterdam. This cafe is a former team depot that now features around 20 different variety of food stalls serving from mouth-watering Dutch bar snack staples to simply delicious French pastries and dim sum. 

In the center of this market, you will find the main bar serving great cappuccino with a perfect view of the live musicians on Tuesdays on the side. 

De Sluyswacht, Cafe in Amsterdam

De Sluyswacht is one of the best spots in town for authentic Dutch snacks such as bitterballen or delicious cheese tostis. The place was actually a home of a lockmaster once who was responsible for the flow of water into the city’s canals. The location and the vibe of this place is the one reason why the place has become so popular. 

Address – Jodenbreestraat 1, Amsterdam

QRU Cafe

QRU Cafe is one of the most beautiful spots in town that is designed in a warehouse-style located in an old steam locomotive factory that is located in the developing area of the Eastern Docklands. The vibe of this place is so incredible and soothing and this is one of the reasons why the place is on the list. 

In addition to the ambiance and the interiors, this place also serves the best coffee in Amsterdam city. This place is specifically famous during the monthly flea markets & vinyl fairs. 

Address – QRU, Cruquiusweg, 144, 1019 AK, Amsterdam

Contact – +31638444141

To conclude, there are many great coffee shops in Amsterdam. Picking these famous ones to mention here for this years list was very difficult. Still, we believe that these cafes are worth your visit. These places mentioned above are on the top of the list for 2019. These cafes of Amsterdam are the ones that are referred by the localities. 

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