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MS Dhoni: The Heart Spilled Out Of A Fan

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What better date can Lt. Colonel MS Dhoni think of than 15Th August for announcing his retirement from international cricket. The long career of 16 years came to a halt on the evening of Independence Day when MS Dhoni wrote an Instagram post and broke millions of hearts announcing his retirement from international cricket.

With 538 matches, 17,266 runs, 16 centuries, 108 fifties, 359 sixes, 829 dismissals in his kitty, his retirement marked an end of an era for his fans. People got all emotional and wished him all the best for his future and showered him with love and blessing.

Though there were a lot of crazy fans like me, who cried and even skipped their meal as cricket is going to be the same without the man who made it worth watching.

Highlights About MS Dhoni

  •       MS Dhoni is the only captain who to win all 3 ICC trophies – World Cup, T20 World Cup, and Champions Trophy
  •       When India got the 1st position in the test match Dhoni was the captain of the team at that time.
  •       He also holds the record for a longest unbeaten run in Tests from his debut.
  •       MSD has made 10046 runs from 321 ODIs and 1487 runs from 93 T20Is.
  •       Dhoni also holds the record number of not-outs with 120 in ODI cricket, which explains his outstanding 51.25 average.
  •       Mahendra was considered the highest finisher of all time in the style.

 The Man Who Changed The Match From Behind The Stumps

The moment I checked my twitter and got to know about his retirement tears went rolling down my cheeks. I called my father and got the same emotional outburst from the other side. All I could say was papa ab cricket dekhne pe seeti kiske shot pe maarenge and cried my heart out saying agla world cup Kaun dilayega. And all my dad could say was Chennai super kings have our king now.

The Hope Of Every Indian For A Win

The legend who gave us the privilege to celebrate the victory of three ICC trophies has finally announced his retirement from international cricket. The fans have mixed reactions, but being a die-hard fan of MSD cricket will not be the same for me anymore.

The Helicopter Shot That Made Fans Go Crazy

“Abhi Mahi bacha hai” used to be the ultimate dialogue on everyone’s lips when the match seemed to be going from hands. The helicopter shot and the iconic walk, the smile, and a cool attitude, there was no one like him and will never be one like him in future too.

The Techniques No One Had (MS Dhoni)

With a mature mindset and the urge of doing something to prove his worth Mahendra Singh Dhoni left a significant mark on the hearts of cricket lovers. Life has never been a cakewalk for this gem, but he never forgot to give it a fight back. After a lot of hurdles and obstacles on his path, he managed to get himself in the Indian cricket team and emerged as the best out of the rest.

Fans know him so well that Dhoni has become a household name. With his bio-pic, we got to know so much about him. Dhoni just does not need any introduction. Coming from a small town Ranchi, he hailed from a middle-class family where he had to give up on a lot of things to fulfill his dreams. He also resigned from his government job as a TT in the Indian Railways and went against the will of his father.

Mahi, as his fans call him, is the man with the golden heart. He kept his teammates in a disciplined form and made them perform their best with his guidance.

Though his techniques were never understood by the board, he is still the best wicketkeeper any team could have had. Dhoni is a game-changer, and he will always remain the same.

The Captain Cool (MS Dhoni)

Dhoni has got the title of captain cool by his mates. He is so calm and composed on the field and is almost seen controlling his emotions. But from inside, he has always been a lion with furious emotions that come out while playing. From his crazy hairdo and his way of talking and a down to earth nature, Mahi has always been the love of his fans.

The moment the news of Dhoni’s retirement spread like a fire in the forest fans and brands came out in numbers and showed their love on different social media handles. From indigo to Parle-G and Amul, there was Dhoni everywhere. Zomato even launched a unique discount coupon code for the people of Ranchi for giving us MSD.

The Last Match (MS Dhoni)

Speaking technically then Dhoni played his last ODI with the world cup series where India lost to New Zealand by 18 runs. Though the captain was heartbroken but just left the field without giving an emotional speech.

Dhoni was not loved by many out there and has been in their eyes since he entered his 30’s. A great sportsperson and a human being with a beautiful heart he had a struggle of his own.

With the board already making assumptions of his retirement and pressurizing his skills, it was tough for the man to cope up.

Every player has his good and bad days, but for Dhoni, the fight with the bad days was a bit long.

One of the turning points for him that made him an unpredictable player was when he handed over the ball to Joginder Sharma in 2007 and that made India win the series. The decision was criticized as the over started but was a slap on the face of many when we won.

Dhoni: A Family Man

MSD has never been very open about his personal life, but his wife, on the other hand, just cannot keep calm. After marrying Sakshi, he emerged as a family man, and when his daughter Ziva came into the world, Dhoni had no limits of happiness. Dhoni has been a family man and loves them unconditionally. The pictures of Dhoni with his family are uploaded on his Instagram channel and that of Sakshi too.

An End Of An Era

Dhoni is not a name; it’s an emotion that will always be there in our hearts. Though watching the young talents play on the field will be a treat, but that void will always be there, which no one else can fulfill.

But good things never last long, and an era of Dhoni has come to an end. All we can do is keep our emotions inside and celebrate the decision our player has taken and respect it with open arms. The 37-year-old man has left behind an image and the expectations that Virat Kohli and other players will have a tough time to beat.

We will miss you Dhoni, and We will miss your helicopter shot and your spontaneity and the smile that was to die for.


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