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Dhabas in Ludhiana to Enjoy Taste of Real Punjab!

Punjabis are renowned for their impeccable taste in food. Here is list of best dhabas in Ludhiana where you can enjoy the best Indian food.

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Ludhiyanvis are very much fond of delicious food. People here admire food and therefore there are many restaurants in Ludhiana which are famous for food and presentation. If we talk about Dhabas, Ludhiana will make you familiar with the real taste of Punjabi food. Pure Desi Ghee preparation plus ages of experience makes the dish double tempting. After a lot of exploring and experience, these Dhabas in Ludhiana that we have listed below are famous and renowned just because of their Punjabi Tadka dishes and Soft Butter Naan along with many other Punjabi cuisines which they serve.

Inviting Dhabas in Ludhiana | Real taste of Punjab

Listed below are 9 famous Dhabas in Ludhiana, visit those Dhabas to have the real taste of Punjabi food.

Bansi Vaishno Dhaba

Bansi Vaishno Dhaba is very famous among Ludhianvis, this Dhaba represents the Punjabi touch by their delicious food. Every dish is simply tempting and light on pockets. The place is clean and tidy plus the staff is courteous. Must try their Panner Butter Masala and Garlic Naan.

Contact No.: +91 9872708084

Parkash Dhaba

They have earned so much royalty and auspicious heritage because of their food and quality. Each and everyone working their makes sure that food is tempting and delicious so that their customers feel in love with their preparation.

Contact No.: +91-9803842000

Freinds Dhaba

Situated near Ludhiana railway station and hardly you will get the space to sit on the ground floor and the first floor of this Dhaba as it is fully occupied due to its delicious dishes. The small and simple menu, where you find every dish is mouth-watering plus the salad which is decorated beautifully is served to you.

Gyan Vaishnav Dhaba

Well, everyone is a fan of Dal Makhani, so Gyan Vaishan Dhaba in Ludhiana serves the best Dal Makhani in Ludhiana with hot butter naan. Must try their Kheer which is surely going to make your taste buds jump and you will fell in love with that particular sweet dish.

Garry’s Dhaba

A neat and tidy place to have Punjabi food with the flavors of different ingredients in it. Must try their Paranthas with White Makhan, which has a finger-licking taste.

Contact No.: +91 9855485575

Rishi Vaishno Dhaba

Adding to the list, Rishi Vaishno Dhaba is well-known Dhaba in Ludhiana. Overall it is a good place to come with family members and have appetizing food. Must try their Cheese Tomato and Shai Panner, which are truly delicious.

Contact No.: 0161 5018567

Lucky Vaishno Dhaba

Next in our list is Lucky Dhaba which has its glory from ages. One of the oldest Dhaba in Ludhiana which serves you the spicy yummy Punjabi food. Their executive menu includes tempting dishes which are a little bit spicy but yummy as well.

Contact No.: +91 9814868594

Fauji Dhaba

Fauji Dhaba makes you feel like you are eating homemade food and makes sure each an every bite is delicious. Must try their Yellow Dal with Butter Roti.

Contact No.: +91 9815444135

Royal Pursharthi Dhaba

Undoubtedly the best Dhaba in Ludhiana for veg and non-veg Punjabi food. All preparation is done in homemade Desi Ghee, which makes the food more tempting and yummy. Must try their Mutton Korma, Mutton Masala, and Lemon Chicken.

Contact N0.: +91 9888300168

In Dhaba League, Ludhiana is amongst the top cities. All these 9 Dhabas mentioned above will definitely give you the reason to fall in love with the spices of Punjab. The preparation is done in Pure Desi Ghee which means you get to have healthy food at a pocket-friendly price. So whenever you crave for spicy, tempting food just visit these Dhabas in Ludhiana.

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