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Top 10 Playway Schools In Chandigarh

Schooling is the best time in one’s life, and it all begins with a school of play. Chandigarh has a wealth of playschools that help children grow smart. Once a kid is about 1,5 or 2 years old, the parents start looking for playschool, and Chandigarh’s situation is the same. Playschools are present in nearly every area of Chandigarh. Still, it is one of the most important decisions for parents to choose the best playway schools in Chandigarh for a child.

The education sector has always been at the most significant advantage for Chandigarh. With all-new institutes such as Gate Revolution, Manya, etc. emerging in the training field, new schools are also being established. Now is the time for parents to start enrolling their kids in playschools too. Playschools are responsible for playing a crucial role in shaping the lives of the finest minds of all Chandigarh. Having paranoid parents who go paranoid worrying about which school would be the best for their boy, we’ve reduced to four the from the best of Chandigarh ‘s playing schools.

Top 10 Play Schools In Chandigarh To Look For

Here is a list of top 10 schools in Chandigarh that you must look for and get your child enrolled:

First Steps IB World School (Best Playway Schools In Chandigarh)

A creative playschool which encourages children to play, learn to think, and grow. It is one of the best schools in Chandigarh among the top 7 playschools. This is the only Tricity school that only serves the International Boards, i.e., this pursues the International Baccalaureate ( IB) Board and runs IB-PYP (Primary Year Program) through Grade V and Cambridge Curriculum from VI through X.

Little Starz Play Way School

It is one of the best schools for little tiny tots in the Tricity. If you are planning to get your child enrolled in the best school in Chandigarh for his primary education, this has to be the best option. With experienced staff and English speaking environment, the school offers an excellent methodology to give your child a firm grip on the basics.

Bachpan School

Bachpan, a playschool, instills in children a spirit of joy and enthusiasm for learning new things and outshine in a competitive world. Bachpan is one of the most renowned nursery schools, and has everything that a growing kid wants to complete his early education! Bachpan Mohali-Chandigarh is a Sector-71 child center. The preschool programs are available from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

ABC Montessori School (Best Playway Schools In Chandigarh)

India’s fastest growing Montessori School Pre School Franchise International Chain, Play School Teacher Training Academy, Kindergarten College, Day-Cares, and Teacher Education Center with its presence felt in many states of India other than Chandigarh alone. It has proved a popular model internationally since 2006. An ISO accredited registered non-profit company, the CGS group of 400 million sponsors it. Registration for admission may be done on payment of a small amount for your child during the year.

Euro Kids

The Euro Kids franchise, one of the best preschools in the world, has created quite a buzz since its launch in 2011, managing to open over 884 outlets in 311 cities and towns across the country like Chandigarh. The admission process is as follows: Preschool and kindergarten classes are delivered at the playschool. The preschool is divided into Play and Nursery Community. The minimum age limit for Play Group is 1.8 years+ while the entry age for Euro Kids nursery is 2.5 years. The Kindergarten system is split into Euro Junior and Euro Advanced (Advanced Kindergarten). The thresholds for aging are 3.5 years+ and 4.5 years+, respectively.

Ankur Nursery School

Founded in the year 1976 with the support of the Panjab University Student Aid Society, Ankur Nursery School has long been the go-to place for kids. It’s known for its positive relationship with parents and children alike. The admission process for Ankur Nursery School starts in May every year, and school starts in July.

Chitkara International (Best Playway Schools In Chandigarh)

The school offers outstanding learning opportunities. It is a mixture of activities, excursions, fun, sports, and education and encourages the graceful and enthusiastic participation of the students. This is the second home for all the kids. The campus is centrally air-conditioned, and the design is majestic.

St. Kabir Public School

When you want to send a respectable child to help students cope with Loss, why not St. Kabir’s public school? His crucial motto is to teach each student how to value each other’s feelings of becoming a religion, which is completely important for a child to understand.

We also give children to take part in numerous inter-school and inter-house competitions; this will improve the qualities of leadership and teamwork in a pupil. It’s one of Chandigarh ‘s Best Preschools.

Delhi Public School

Not only is it the high-grade preschools in Chandigarh, but it’s also often considered the best in India.

For a wide variety of access, it offers an outstanding standard of education and co-curricular activities. They contribute to each student’s holistic growth. There the pupil becomes dreamers, and accomplishers become dreamers.

Tiny tots (Best Playway Schools In Chandigarh)

If you are looking for the best play way school in Chandigarh that offers excellent education and also will groom the personality of your child, then this is the best place to be at. The teachers are well trained and professional. With proper training given to the teachers, it is also safe to send your little on to.

They think, “What matters in school is what matters in life.” They believe that education will shape the life of a student. They believe in developing a healthy atmosphere not only in studies but also in various activities. It will grow a child to resolve all obstacles and challenges


These are the best ten-play ways in Chandigarh that offer the best ambiance for your little ones. With the minutest details kept in mind, they are taught to become independent. They are also give training of different types. These play way school help your child understand the basic concepts and grab oral recognition along with hygiene and table manners. Your search ends here when you get to enroll your child in one of these schools and gift him a bright future ahead.


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