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Best Chaat Corners In Chandigarh You Must Try!

Chaat is a family of savoury snacks that originated in India, mostly served at roadside stalls. And is the most loved and pocket-friendly snack for every north Indian.

The hankering for chaat and Golgappa is something very hard to resist. If you are a chaat lover then I am sure you can truly comprehend this feeling and if the weather demands, then it is unstoppable. So the next question is where to find the best chaat corners in Chandigarh?

Don’t worry we are here to help you guys!! 

Some of the best chaat corners in Chandigarh are given below but do you really have the craving for chaat papdi , can you really feel the chatpatapan of chaat and tanginess of golgappa in your mouth, then I am sure you are ready to go and enjoy these corners, so what are you waiting for just scroll down!

Ram Chaat Bhandar

Ram Chaat Bhandar also known as Ambala vale is one of the renowned chaat corners of the city and serves varieties of chaat such as Tokri chaat , Dahi Bhalla chaat, papri chaat and many more.

A place well known for its seven types of water from amrood to lemon flavor, they have got it all. Their chaat is so mesmerizing, blended with flavours and served in unique pottery plates, the best combination of taste and presentation and also it’s in your budget, so what are you waiting for. 

Address – Shop 75, Sector 34- C , Chandigarh

Average Cost – Rs 100( approx 2 people)

Speciality –  Golgappe, chaat, matar kulcha, Tikki

Garg Chaat Bhandar

A place where every person residing in Chandigarh must have eaten chaat papdi and have childhood memories. Yes, it is that much old, since 1968. Their quality, taste, staff, service everything is just outstanding. You can also call it a live chaat corner. Every evening people nourish their souls with their delightful chaat and Golgappa. 

Address – SCO 34, Sector 23, Chandigarh

Average Cost – Rs 100 for two people

Speciality – Chaat, Golgappa, Soya chaap, Aloo Tikki.

Krishna Chaat Shop

This is another place which is usually crowded with people to satisfy their chatpate taste buds. One of the best chaat corners in Chandigarh where you will never be disappointed with the taste. They also serve five types of pani for Golgappas.

Address: Booth 50, Sector 34-C, Chandigarh

Average cost- Rs 150 ( Two People)

Speciality- Matka Kulfi,  Bhel Puri, Chaat, Golgappe.

Rehri in Sector 8 Market

The real fun of eating chaat and golgappa is gorging them up at a Rehri ! A rehri in the inner market of Sector 8,located just outside the entrance of the park is another hot spot for chaat and golgappas. It has been there for more than 25 years and people also know it by Babe ki rehri . 

Address – Inner Market Sector 8, Chandigarh

Average Cost – 200 (  approx 3-4 people)

Speciality – Chaat, Golgappe, Dahi Bhalla

Thakur Chat Point

The tempting taste of chaat, with good reviews, makes this place really crowded every evening in the south of chandigarh. Not just chaat but their golgappa are also mouth watering, especially  amrood water. This place also serves a range of Golgappa water and their Tikki are also yummy.

Address – Shop No.129, Sector 40- C, Chandigarh.

Average cost is –150 for two people

Speciality – Papri Chat , Golgappa.

Matru Tikki Vaala

 A simple place with delicious north Indian cuisine makes the place packed with people.One of the best chaat  Corner of Chandigarh with home delivery and Instant  service. Their menu is full of dishes but their Tikki and chaat make the place special. They are open till 10pm so whenever the hunger for  Chaat and Tikki arrives you must visit this place to enjoy Your favourite food.

Address – Booth No. 1, Sector 19- C, Chandigarh

Average Cost –  Rs200 for two people

Speciality – Tikki, Dahi bhalla papri chaat, Bharwa golgappa. 

Sai Chaat Corner

A point usually covered with students all around due to being situated in sector 36, Chandigarh. They have a special chaat counter on their menu serving different styles of chaat and Golgappa. It is a good place to look around the rush and enjoy Papri chaat, dahi bhalla, tikki, soya chaat  Noodles and many more cuisines around. 

Address – Booth Number-153, Sector 36- D,  Chandigarh.

Average Cost – Rs150 for two people

Speciality – Papri chaat , Pav Bhaji  

These are some of the renowned hotspots of chaat in our city beautiful. Some of them also provide their chaat corners for marriages, parties, spiritual celebrations. So, if you are looking for any such occasion then you can go forward and try this before booking.



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