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Places that Every Momos Lover should Definitely Try out for Best Momos in Chandigarh

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Best Momos in Chandigarh: When it comes to people who love Chinese, it goes beyond saying that they love momos. For those who love momos like I must know the difference between good ones and the bad ones. Being a fan of this delicious cuisine, I personally have tried each and every corner in search of finding the best momos in Chandigarh. Luckily, I found more than one place. 

Chandigarh is one of the most exquisite places in India for food lovers. Below I have managed to list some of the most intricate places serving deliciously mouth-watering momos in the city beautiful,  Chandigarh.

Here are Some of the Best Food Joints that every Momos lover should try in Chandigarh 


Dumpling Hood, Chandigarh 

Dumpling Hood, a Small Shack with an excellent appearance is all about the momos. Not only in Chandigarh, but in many many cities of Chandigarh, Dumpling Hood has won over the hearts of people who enjoy momos. Considering the popularity of this place, I went to the Dumpling Hood, Sector 9 in Chandigarh, and tasted my first plate of Veg sampler Dumplings. Since that day I have tried every kind of momos at Dumpling hood and I must say that this place is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the real taste of momos in Chandigarh.

There is not only 1 branch of Dumpling Hood in Tricity, Below is the list of addresses – 

  • Booth 27, Inner Market, Sector 9 D, Chandigarh 
  • SCO 59, Sector 7, Panchkula.

So, if you are looking for the place to go to for tasting the best momos in the Tricity, Dumpling Hood has to be that place. 

Master Chi, Best Momos in Chandigarh

Excellent presentation, orgasmic taste, and the brilliant team is everything that sums up Master Chi. With only 3 kinds of momos, this place is also famous for its momos box meals. Since the inauguration, this place is winning over the hearts of every Chinese food lover like me. 

Address – Booth 36, Sector 8 B, Chandigarh.

Wok Man, Chandigarh

Wok Man is one of the best places to go for enjoying momos in Chandigarh. Being the city of foodie’s, Wok Man is a great addition to the list of Chinese food joints of the city. Dimsums are their USP and they have a huge variety of dim sums that no other place in the city serves. So, if you are looking for the places that serve the best momos in Chandigarh, I would say Wok Man is one of the impeccable choices. 

Address –  Shop 5, Inner Market, Sector 8 B, Sector 8, Chandigarh

Miso Hungry, Momos in Chandigarh (Best Momos in Chandigarh)

Miso Hungry is the one place where I turn to when I am craving non-veg momos. This place is famous for their butter chicken and chili chicken momos. Well, this place has a wide range of momos to select from and the taste that they have managed to put into their plate of momos is the reason why they are on my list of best momos in Chandigarh. 

Address – Booth 41, Sector 34, Chandigarh.

Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food, Chandigarh 

Yes, I know the name is not that great, but I bet you that once you tasted a plate of momos here, you will never forget this name. With a variety of momos to choose from, this place is one of my regulars whenever I feel like enjoying a plate of delicious momos. So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy a plate of best momos in Chandigarh. 

Address – Booth No. 223, Patel Market, 15D, Sector 15, Chandigarh,

Crazy Dumplings, Best Momos in Chandigarh 

Another name that comes to my mind when it comes to finding a place that serves best momos in Chandigarh. As the name suggests, this small outlet specializes in different kinds of momos. This is the one place that serves 9 kinds of dips from which you can choose from to go with your order. So, if you are looking for the place serving the best momos in Chandigarh, this is it. 

Address –  1, Chandigarh Rd, Sector 45C, Sector 45, Chandigarh, 160047

Yo China, Chandigarh, Chandigarh (Best Momos in Chandigarh)

Well! All other places, this is a Chinese Restaurant in Chandigarh that I often visit for enjoying a delightful Chinese Meal. Among all the other dishes on the menu, I personally just love their Chicken Dimsums and order it every time I am there. The perfect blend of the Chinese herbs and taste has made this place one of the favorites for all of the Chinese food lovers in Chandigarh. 

Addresses – 

  • SCO 4 & 5, Madhya Marg, 9D, Sector 9, Chandigarh
  • Hotel Aroma, Eating House, Himalaya Marg, Sector 22-C, Chandigarh

My love for Chinese food led me to places in Chandigarh. I definitely have had good experiences and some really bad ones as well. While looking for the places serving the best momos in Chandigarh, I actually found a few of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Chandigarh. Listed above are the places that you should definitely try out for the best momos in the city. 




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