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Best Cafes, Restaurants in New York | A Treat For Foodies Like Us!

All about restaurants in New York

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If you are a foodie then we are your best companion!! All you need to do is to hit the Restaurants in New York and hog on over sumptuous food Travelling to New York.  Here is a complete food guide that is going to make you drool over.

From hot dogs to pasta and from macarons to Thai food there is everything the Big Apple has to offer. New York is a heaven for the food lovers and offers a huge variety to enjoy on your plate.

Culinary ambition had been a predominantly nocturnal affair in New York. Next came the Australians, with bowls of brassicas and bright arrangements. Cafés that opened their doors early and held them open late started to pop up like cane toads in Canberra. Their play for coffee was strong. They poached legit chickens. And as her path across the sky began with a rosy-fingered sunrise, she finally had something good to eat.

At its best, the all-day café is the living room you’re never going to have, packed with common food and better than you’re ever going to make and eat more attractive to people than you’re ever going to be. And perhaps most significant, it’s the place you can sit still and stay in light after the plate has been removed.

Restaurants in New York

Let’s take a look at some best cafes in New York:

Below are a few famous cafes you must check out when in NYC

The hunky dory, best café in NYC

747 Franklin Ave., nr. Sterling Pl., Crown Heights; 516-418-2063

Hunky Dory is the surreal all-day – and-in – a the-night wonderland of owner Claire Sprouse and chef Kirstyn Brewer, Icarian in its creativity and Promethean in its execution. Hunky Dory is considered to be serving the best menu with a skylit natural ambiance for a perfect evening. The place is a heaven for those who love to spend time with their loved ones and also like to chat with them.

Gertie, most recommended café in New York

357 Grand St., nr. Marcy Ave., Williamsburg; 718-636-0902

On the banks of the BQE, the owner Nate Adler and the chef Will Edwards, both emigrants from the empire of Andrew Tarlow, took advantage of the rapidly rising condo stalactites of Williamsburg to carve into the base of one helluva soulful café. The area resembles an adult Montessori classroom, with its cheerful art by Lea Carey. And like Montessori, it is pretty much DIY. Guests order from a register, take a number and find a seat at the tables or light-wood bar. There’s plenty of space, and even a book nook (if you like a little Rebecca Traister with your Miss Patty Reuben). As with terza rima, the Gertie menu’s three square meals interlock.

Golda, mouth-watering food from this café in New York

504 Franklin Ave., nr. Fulton St.,  Bedford-Stuyvesant; 718-484-7065

Golden is the light as the sunbeams through the windows of this Bed-Stuy café, casting G-O-L-D-A in shadow over the undulating counter, small circular tables, and potted ficus. This lands on tiny plates with immense ambition and delicate touches to the Middle East. Golda is the name of the grandmother of late owner Danny Nusbaum. (Nusbaum comes from a long line of noshers; his family runs Pick-a-Bagel, and his previous enterprise was the now-closed Tilda All Day.) Although the light changes as the hours march, the menu doesn’t and why should it? At 3 p.m., eggplant menemen— a kind of Turkish shakshuka — are as incentives till 7:00.

Ole, one of the most visited cafés in New York

873 Broadway, nr. 18th St.; 929-209-10120

The Danes, sweet in nature and heavy in bread, are responsible for Ole & Steen, the most recent Nordic bakery caravan invasion to land in New York. At the counter, the pantheon of Danish dark bread such as Skagen, Olander, and sourdough has deep cuts. Word has it that the biga (starter) is over 150 years old for her rugbrod (rye bread). There are unusual pastries such as the Sarah Bernhardt, a chocolate cookie with candied violet created by Johannes Steen in memory of her memoirs being translated into Danish, as well as the Christianshavner cake signature by Ole & Steen, a hazelnut sponge disk coated with strawberry mousse.

Der Pioneer, Economical and best café in New York

737 Church Ave., nr. E. 8th St., Kensington; 347-435-0132

Chefs Björn Böttcher and Greg Barbiero are a motion blur, behind a glass-walled kitchen inside a light-filled space on Kensington’s industrial corridor. Both Böttcher and Barbiero get to start baking well before dawn. Böttcher, a native of Hamburg and former longtime pastry chef with David Bouley, is filling the counter with whatever pastries he has in mind. Some days, these include cinnamon swirls from his hometown named franzbrötchen, Swedish cinnamon balls, perfectly formed marble cakes, as well as the usual suspects: small lemon-blueberry muffins so filled with blueberries that they imitate Violet Beauregarde and shockingly convince all bagels.

The baking company, best brunch café in New York

4th Clinton Street, Manhattan, New York Clinton Street

Baking Company, known mostly for its crowd-pleasing breakfast menu, also offers exciting lunch and dinner options. This American restaurant offers something for everyone (as shown by its equally popular outlets in Tokyo and Dubai) from traditional cheeseburgers to more unique dishes such as fresh fish tacos and flavourful garlic mac and cheese.

Cookshop, a most loved place for brunching

10th Avenue, New York

Cookshop is one such restaurant that is ideal for almost every occasion. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee, and it’s great for Thanksgiving too, thanks to their $65 three-course Thanksgiving dinner deal. The food here is always delicious and the atmosphere is fun and vibrant, so even if you’re away from family, you can still feel festive.

Veselka, top café in New York

2nd street, Manhattan, New York

This Ukrainian comfort food paradise is open 24 hours a day, which ensures that at 2 pm or 2 am you will order cheese-stuffed pierogi and you will also be greeted with deliciously boiled or fried dough. The long-running institution has drawn newcomers and tourists for brunch from far and wide, withstanding long waiting for blintzes, soaring pancakes piles, and eggs just about every way. Take a seat at the counter or wait for a booth in the cavernous dining room, full of platters of pierogi and raucous laughter.

Red rooster, well-known brunch café in NYC

4th street, New York

Soul food is always the move at Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem hotspot, where on Sundays in Ginny’s Supper Club, the downstairs speakeasy, gumbo shrimp and grits along with biscuits and gravy are gloriously combined with live gospel music. Save room to share the popular sweets of Samuelsson: hunks of cornbread with apple butter, cinnamon-brown sugar streusel coffee cake, and doughy brioche cinnamon rolls.

Bloody Mary, most visited brunch restaurants in New York

1st street, Manhattan, New York

The teeny New American bistro at East 1st Avenue, Gabrielle Hamilton has long been a brunch stop. Waiting times will easily escalate into hour-long waits on weekends, but you’ll want to stick it out for the incredibly dense Netherlands-style pancake, baked in the oven until golden, and slathered with cream and seasonal berries. There are also benedict eggs, covered with a coating of bright-yellow hollandaise, and a triple-decker Monte Cristo sandwich which is then deep-fried filled with bacon, turkey and Swiss cheese. Although there may be only a few tables spread throughout the sunlit room, 11 different types of bloody marys come out of the kitchen to soar.

Love to enjoy lip-smacking food  then you must have a look at the top 5 best restaurants in New York 

Liebman’s, best restaurants in New York

The Bronx, New York, 7185484534

At Liebman’s in Riverdale, a small and diner-like institution that has been serving kosher pastrami, corned beef and hot dogs made in-house since 1958, Jewish deli can be found in its most nostalgic form. It doesn’t look like the dining room or clientele has changed since then, with fading sea-green booths and gruff but friendly servers having a retro feel. Any of the overstuffed sandwiches make an ideal dinner, ideally followed by matzo ball soup and accompanied by the chip-like fries and gravy. Liebman’s is absolutely nothing new, and that’s the best thing about it.

Farida, most recommended restaurants in New York

New York, NY, 6468632020

There’s nothing quite like Farida emerging on Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen south of the Port Authority in Manhattan. It focuses on Central Asian food from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, through Farida Gabbassova-Ricciardelli’s husband-and-wife team, and Umitjon Kamolov, who also serves as chef. The dumplings called manti are more delicate than normal, with a filling of lamb or pumpkin, a simple, unfussy plov (rice pilaf with lamb) and available at any time without preordering. As with most great restaurants such as this, the kebabs cooked over charcoal are unforgettable: smoky, greasy and meaty. Get the lamb rib or the chicken wing in this compact position for maximum enjoyment.

Flora Bar, the food at its best

Madison Ave, New York, 6465585383

The plated food at Flora Bar, the Upper East Side restaurant in the Met Breuer museum’s cellar, is concise in beauty. Chef Ignacio Mattos has a way to take seemingly simple seafood dishes such as a tuna tartare or raw clam and make them worthy of their splurge-level price tags, elegant and innovative. Like a purple endive salad that comes wrapped in a circle like a rose, vegetables and mains get beautified, too. It is by far the most upscale restaurant of the Estela chef, worth a special dinner for the occasion. And don’t forget dessert, a rotating range from Natasha Pickowicz, one of today’s city’s most creative pastry chefs.

Atomix, lip-smacking food at an economical price

30th street, New York

A 10-course tasting menu at Michelin-starred Atomix doubles up as a fun but elegant Korean cooking school. Beautifully composed dishes come with equally stunning illustrated flashcards illustrating an aspect of Korean culture that can all be read at the table or taken home for later. For example, a dish containing golden osetra caviar, baby artichokes, and fresh curd that come with a card explaining soo, a dairy product that Korean elites once ate. The meal can, of course, be enjoyed without the cards; it’s just another thoughtful additional element of the husband-wife team chef JungHyun “JP” Park and JeongEun “Ellia” Park that makes the experience unique.

Resort, delicious food with the best taste

20th street New York, 6466929090

The Northern Italian cuisine from Emilia-Romagna is the highlight at pasta-heavy Rezdôra in the Flatiron District. The pasta sauce most closely associated with the region is bolognese, a meaty ragu often seen on the Rezdôra menu in three different versions, but another specialty of chef Stefano Secchi — who trained at the popular Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy— is stuffed kinds of pasta in different forms. The pasta degustation is the way to go here, although if a la carte is an option, don’t skip the gnocco frito, three steaming, spicy freshly fried fritters contrasted with the cool unctuousness of prosciutto, mortadella, and pancetta laid on top.

Katz, top restaurants in New York

205 Houston New York

Katz’s Delicatessen is probably one of New York City’s most popular restaurants and has been serving classic sandwiches since 1888. Although they have a variety of foods on their menu, their pastrami is the single reason you should eat at Katz’s Deli. The pastrami is sensational, soft to fall apart, with a great fat-to-meat ratio and a black pepper crust, and hidden spices. It’s all you could wish for in pastrami.

Shopsins, best restaurants in New York

Essex street, New York

Although the eccentric Kenny Shopsin passed away in 2018, its legacy at the Essex Street Market still flourishes. The indoor quasi-diner offers a menu as maze-like as Lower East Side streets. Stuffed pancakes are packed with just about everything-from mac’ n’ cheese to marshmallow fluff and brown banana sugar. Scrambled eggs come in with their own stack of pancakes and hash browns crisped up. And then there are things that would normally feel out of place, but it just feels right at Shopsin’s: egg nachos, kati crepes filled with brisket, and pancakes pucks sandwiching maple bacon and poached eggs. Shopsins is one of the most recommended restaurants in New York

Chez Ma Tante, best place to eat in New York

Caylor street, green Point, New York

Chez Ma Tante is located on a quiet corner of Greenpoint. For brunch, the closely assembled, European-influenced menu was initially common with pancakes. It offer two huge, pucks crispy on the outside and gloriously fluffy on the inside, swiped with a butter pat and syrup. It is served along with salmon gravlax with sesame and cream Fraiche. You can also order egg and sausage sandwich, and moist quiche lorraine strips.

Tom’s, top place to eat in New York

Western Ave, New York

Without trying too hard, Tom’s is old fashioned and offers American classics for breakfast, brunch and lunch. It’s famous on weekends, so be sure to be prepared for a wait, but with orange slices and coffee, the workers can guarantee you warmth. Favorites include biscuits with ricotta, waffles, steak and eggs, and plenty of milkshakes to wash it all away. Tom’s has no gimmicks to sell, just fine, Traditional plates. Tom’s is cash only and does not accept any reservations. This is what makes it one of the best restaurants in New York.

Sunday, best food Restaurants in New York

Brooklyn, 5th street, New York

You may not do it on a Sunday in Brooklyn, but that’s all right as it always seems like the weekend here. The two-level eatery is decked out in bright colors and towering walls, with a first-floor open kitchen. Pancakes plates–three large circles that drip with hazelnut-maple praline–are shepherded out of the kitchen as often as diners snap pictures of the Instagrammable room. Choose the hot chorizo hash for something much less rich, marbled with fried eggs and pecorino.

Must try food served in restaurants in New York

Restaurants in New York


On rye, Pastrami is about as “New York” as it becomes, second only to Katz’s Delicatessen. The world-famous Jewish Deli serves the best pastrami sandwich in town, complete with a pile of hand-carved pastrami beef, yellow mustard and freshly baked rye bread. In NYC this is a must eat.


Carb connoisseurs from all over the world travel for a taste of an authentic bagel from New York. Seize yours at another classic from New York, Russ & Daughters. The 103-year-old appetizing shop still offers one of the best bagels in town.


The bodega-made bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, or “BEC” is how the New Yorker ensures a perfect morning. The best part of that cheat day (or nobody’s going to tell you any day) delicacy? It can be found at just about every deli in town.

Dollar slice

The local’s choice for the city’s best cheap meal is the “money slice,” or a $1 or less piece of pizza. While the dollar slice is devoted to a lot of fast-casual eateries. It offer the most popular slices that can be found at local chains 2 Bros. Pizza or New Pizza 99 Grades.

Hot dog

No, we’re not thinking about the “dirty hot dogs” peddled around town on sidewalks. A true New York hot dog should be crispy on the outside and savory on the inside.  It must preferably purchased from Gray’s Papaya, one of the best restaurants in New York. At this popular 24-hour location, the Recession Special includes two franks and one soda.  It offers everything for “when you’re tired, or broke, or just in a rush.”

This was a complete guide to offer you the best options of restaurants in New York. These are the best places to sit, relax and chat along with eating your favorite food with your loved ones. Stop thinking and hit to the right place and I am sure that New York won’t disappoint you.


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