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Playground Chandigarh, A Perfection to Taste and Entertainment!

Have a Delicious Meal at Playground Cafe, Chandigarh Sector 26

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If you have been to Chandigarh or are a resident of the city beautiful, you would know that sector 26 is the one place where you can find everything. By everything I mean bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, discs and many things more. The interesting part about this sector beyond being a home to pretty much everything is that it never disappoints you. Every other week there is something new happening here and this is why I love this sector. Including all other places, one of the most renowned place Playground Bar and Cafe is also located in sector 26, Chandigarh. Playground has already established its mark in Chandigarh through its Elante branch before it stepped foot in the local market of the city beautiful.

There are many reasons why I love being at Playground. I am glad that I am finally sharing these reasons with you. It has been a long time since I was planning to write something about this charismatic place.

Reasons why I Fell in Love with Playground Chandigarh at first place

Whenever someone asks me why I frequently visit Playground, I end up talking about this place endlessly. Be it the interior of this place or the food, everything about sector 26 Playground is what tickles me. This being a multi cuisine cafe is one of the most preferred choice of most of the Chandigarhian for a fine lunch or a cozy dinner. The blend of perfect food and cocktail with a soothing music makes it one hell of a choice for weekend plan. The ambiance of this place is another reason why I love this place so much. The tinch of Bohemian vibe reflecting from every corner and the soothing lighting keeps your vibe up.

The First Glance at Playground Cafe and Bar

PC- Life In Chandigarh

The moment you enter this beautifully designed cafe and bar in Chandigarh sector 26, the long tunnel lined up with the liquor bottles in front will catch your eye. They have done a great job with wordplay on the walls.

The quotes like “Alcohol You Later” and many more definitely indulges the attention of the people walking through this grand tunnel decorated with odd old empty bottles. Where the front entrance to this place makes you feel grand there, the back entrance will giggle you up with the 90’s theme. If you are a child of 90’s you would definitely appreciate the design and interior. At the back entrance, they have managed to create a look of 90’s music shack with stacked up cassette labels, music systems, and speakers.

This is not all. The front entrance tunnel takes you to an expansion where they have created a wall of labels and signs. This caught my eye the moment I stepped out the tunnel.

All Play no work

Playground located in sector 26, Chandigarh is one hell of the place. This fascinating cafe brings out the vibe that energizes the whole space. The performance area here is designed like a tree house that will blow your mind off. Restaurants, cafes, and Bars have been competing with one another to bring forth the creativity, and playground has managed to catch the interest of many Chandigarians right from their start from Elante Mall.

Playground sector 26, Chandigarh Menu, What to Pick?

The extended menu of Playground cafe and bar will definitely confuse you to pick the right order. On their menu, you will find many Indian and Italian fusion dishes. Their talented chefs have managed to bring together the taste of India and Italy perfectly. Well! The extended menu makes it difficult to decide your order, so don’t be shy to ask for the chef’s recommendation.

I personally have tasted their Tikka and Kababs Platter, Roast Chicken Panini, and Grilled Vegetable. Each time I was blown away by the mouthwatering aroma and finger-licking taste. I am sure that whatever you pick, you won’t be disappointed. Besides food, their bar menu is also something that will bring a soothing smile to your face. Their intoxicating blends of cocktails such as Gym Tonic, XOXO, Daily Dose, etc. will definitely tickle you. The orgasmic mouthwatering food menu and an intoxicating bar menu at the Playground is the reason why it has become most talked about place in the city Chandigarh.

Playground, A Perfect Place to Party in Chandigarh

During the weekends like many cafes and bars in Chandigarh, Playground bar and cafe is also known for its loud and live DJ nights. For all the party animals of the city beautiful, this place attracts all the right party peeps every weekend making it one of the crowded cafes in town. I have never gotten a chance to enjoy this delightful DJ experience at Playground so far, but by all that I have heard from my friends this is a good competition to MOBE located in sector 26 and we all know about MOBE being the most popular DJ club in Chandigarh sector 26.

With all this said, my experience of this place has always left me with the expression Wow! Right from the interior to its menu, this exciting place is one hell of a cafe in town. Located in sector 26 of Chandigarh, Playground has become one of the favorite places of the enthusiastic Chandigarians. If you have not been to this place till now, I would definitely recommend you to try this place out.   

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