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Golgappa Joints in Ludhiana To Taste The Authentic Street Food Of India!

Check out the best Golgappa joints in Ludhiana where you can actually enjoy the taste of India's lip-smacking street food.

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When it comes to street food, Gol Gappas are the most popular of all. With the perfect blend of sweet and teekha, this has developed a pleasing sensation for most of the people. Punjab is known for the food and when it comes to street food, gol gappas are the favorite of many.  From simple Pani to Katta Meetha and then Falovred Pani, they have proved that this city is definitely for Golgappa Lovers. Go with your friends or family to enjoy the Golgappas and sooth the taste buds with the tangy and spicy taste of a different variety of Pani. So, when it comes to best golgappe, Ludhiana is among the most popular places with best joints serving delicious golgappas.

Golgappa Joints in Ludhiana which will mesmerize you.

Listed below are some of the Golgappa Joints in Ludhiana which will leave a remark on your taste buds through their taste of Golgappas.

Shankar Churmur, LipsmackinHerZindag Golgappas in Ludhiana

Well known for their Golgappa in Ludhiana. No doubt it is a famous joint in Ludhiana, as you need to stand in a queue to have these Golgappas in Shankar Churmur. If we talk about Pani which they serve, it is perfect – not too spicy and too icy. if you go for a Suji vale Golgappe, you will not find the fillings anywhere which they provide you. In Suji Golgappa they fill the chicken pea, boiled potato, dahi, beetroot with imli chutney which is too yummy to have.

Shriji Golgappa Hub

The next joint in our list is Shri Ji Golgappa Hub, which provides the taste of 6 different Golgappa Panis. Is’nt that great !! In the evening, you will find people especially students gathering there to have these Golgappa. Different types of Pani include Pudina Vala Pani, Nimbu Vala Pani, Meetha Pani, Jal-Jeera Pani, Hing Vala Pani, Hajma-Hajm Pani. So, what are you waiting for get going? Visit this Ludhiana based Gol gappa joint today to taste the best gol-gappas in town.

Raju Chaat Bhandaar ~ Golgappa Joints in Ludhiana

With a neat and clean atmosphere, they serve you yummy Golgappa. Students studying in college visit this place as there bunk spot and have delicious golgappa here. Even you can try some other dishes too like a burger, sandwiches, and many more. Great place to enjoy evening time with your friends and family.


Water Balls

From 6 PM to 9 PM this place is full of customers, as in Ludhiana this place is well-known for their Golgappa and Khatta-Meetha Pani. From Child to Elder, enjoy having Golgappa here. The attractive thing about Water Balls is the ‘Sukha Golgappa’ which they give you at the last. This Sukha Golgappa is filled with dahi, boiled potato, and Chutney over it, which makes your taste buds jump.

Tony ke Golgappe in Ludhiana

Situated in Maya Nagar, Ludhiana, this place is famous for Golgappa plus there Jal jeera Pani. The combination of Khatta- Meetha is perfect and with each Golgappa you can beat your thirst. Ludhiana people come here and make themselves relax while eating Golgappa at Tony’s.

Make your evening special by visiting these Golgappa Joints in Ludhiana, which are going to make space in your heart with their delightful taste. With different varieties of Pani, Suji Golgappas that most of them serve will give a unique taste. So don’t wait,  just visit these Golgappa joints in Ludhiana and have a fun and enjoyable evening with your loved ones while soothing your taste buds.


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