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Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto

Toronto is a special city with most of the people from India. Due to a large number of Indians, Toronto offers the best Indian food. As we all know Indian food is famous for its spices, taste and yes, the love! If you are looking for the taste of home in Toronto, Don’t worry we have listed down the best Indian restaurants in Toronto that will give you the pleasure-giving aroma of Indian blast!!!

Explore the Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto

Whether it is a Naan, Cholle Bhathure, Dosa, or anything, you name it and we have it. Scroll the best Indian restaurants in Toronto now and pick the best!


If you are looking for family dining, the Pukka restaurant can be on your list. Pukka restaurant has the best succulent menu. Most importantly, the chefs are from different regions which adds a more characterized taste to the food. Not only the food but the ambiance is quite impressive. You must visit here once.


Established in 1995, the little Indian restaurant is a well-known and well-praised restaurant that offers mouth drooling varieties and, most of the recipes are their own which add extra uniqueness and diversity to the food. They have a large area for celebrations. Well! This restaurant is perfect for service, taste, and the area that is going to suffice your needs.

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Let’s satiate your cravings with the best Indian restaurants in Toronto. The food that tastes the best is made up of love and that’s the main motive of the Host Fine Indian Cuisine. If you are looking for a great place to head to for occasions then pick this place to make your evening the special one!

Bombay Bhel (Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto)

Bombay Bhel started out as an informal restaurant and now it is full-fledged fine dining with the modern delicious Indian street food. It is a great place to spend some quality time in the evening and enjoy the delicious mouth-watering snacks. You must head here if nothing specific comes to your mind. Moreover, this place is very pocket friendly. Still, thinking? Grab the yummy street food now!

Mother India Roti

This restaurant is the most appropriate restaurant with the right amount of Indian flavors in the dishes. This place is the one that serves you delightful Indian food.  They are going to bring homely cooking into the modern style. If you are looking for a perfect taste then you must head here. They can even make a simple dish interesting. Go and dig into the favorite place of Indian food. 

Utsav (Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto)

You will find the ancient taste in the food of Utsav. Each dish has its own secrets and yes, the main ingredients that will never taste the same at other places. The love they add to the food and the preparation of fresh spices is an art which is indispensable to the cuisines. This is the typical authentic Indian restaurant which gives you the exquisite variety of Indian food with different taste and aroma. Moreover, this place is quite affordable and you will enjoy the heartwarming atmosphere.  

Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Looking for the most famous Indian restaurants? If yes, this amazing Raj Mahal is the most visited place among Indian restaurants in Toronto. The owner of this restaurant has turned a passion into a profession with around 20 years and still counting. Moreover, the ambiance is so beautiful that reflects a comfy and loving atmosphere to visit!

Curry Twist

Curry Twist is one of the top-rated Indian Restaurants in Toronto. Their main motive is to give actually what their customer wants, especially in terms of flavors and spices. Go and head over a family dinner or a  perfect evening with your beloved ones to enjoy the rich Indian flavors. What are you waiting for? Get ready to have a perfect dinner tonight!

Banjara Indian Cuisine

Are you really an Indian food lover? If yes, you are seriously missing out on the best place to eat. Banjara Indian Cuisine is located in the heart of Toronto, appreciated and talked about by many people which adds popularity to it. Not only the food but the staff also give you the best services with a heartily welcoming smile. There are vast varieties of Indian dishes that you must explore now!

Durbar Indian Cuisine (Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto)

Darbar Indian Cuisine is best for its standard, the place is quite simple but they don’t compromise with the quality of the food. The menu will take you to explore the taste of different states and elevate the Indian curry into clean bites that will definitely take your taste buds to feel the flavors. 


So the above-mentioned are some of the places from the bucket list but trust me these places are worth visiting for every Indian food lover. If you get a chance do visit these amazing places and feel free to share your experience in the comment box!!!


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