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Best 7 Recipe Channels for Students

There are various channels available out there that claim to offer the best of culinary knowledge. However, not every channel or show is providing the correct knowledge adequately. So if you are willing to find that one medium that can provide you with the basic cooking skills, you must opt for the right one. We have curated the list of best recipe channels for students that will make you perfect in cooking.

Top 7 Recipe Channels For Students That You Must Know!

If you want to learn a new recipe or polish your basic skills but are unsure where to start from, we suggest the best recipe channels for students.

]]NYT Cooking channel]New York Times cooking is the best and handiest YouTube channel. From basic culinary skills to trendy, classic recipes, this youtube channel provides step-by-step guides for all the techniques and processes. Along with the recipes, it also gives detailed information about the ingredients to be used. If you don’t have the required Ingredients, it also tells about the substitutes that can be used. It fits as the best recipe channel for students in the world or a pro willing to learn some new recipes. Additionally, you will also find appearances of many familiar faces from the cooking world like Melissa Clark, Samin Nosrat, and many more.

  • Food52 (Best Recipe Channels For Student)

food 52 channelFood52 is not much of a popular YouTube channel like others. It has gotten less viral than many YouTube channels, but with fan favorites like Rick Martinez and Sohlq -El Wally, it’s only a matter of time that its fame jumps. First, however, it has launched some excellent series for a student and an adult, including “bake it up a notch,” hosted by chef Erin McDowell, who cooks the tastiest desserts with his audience. Another incredible series was named sweet heat, with Rick Martinez teaching sweet yet recipes to the audience.

  • Babish culinary universe

The Banish culinary universe was created to recreate the dishes from tv shows and movies by Andrew Rea, aka babish. Andrew Rea is a self-taught chef who had quit his full-time job to focus on doing what he enjoys, making cooking videos. First, he got popular by reconstructing some most iconic dishes from Spongebob’s Krabby Patties and Ram Dom from parasites. Then later, he expanded his recipes to classics and instructions on improving the kitchen skills and basics.

  • How to cook that

how to cook that channelHow to cook Anna Reardon created that. She started with fundamental and straightforward home cooking videos. However, very quickly, her popularity stretched into hundreds and thousands. When the BBC wanted her to make a cake for Doctor Who on its 50th anniversary, this event established her as a youtube celebrity. Since then, she has been uploading viral cooking videos. Along with teaching the basic skills and different recipes, she also happily takes on seemingly impossible tasks and projects, like a cake version of the game operation and a chocolate burst of prince harry. To everyone’s great surprise, it worked, adding to her fame and skills.

you suck at cookingAs the name suggests, this channel is a highly humorous YouTube channel also known for its brilliant editing. To date, you suck at cooking and have uploaded more than 100 successful videos. This channel teaches the most simple dishes in a very presentable manner. Each episode of the video has been uploaded guides about making simple dishes and attractively presenting them, like cooking guacamole and dressing it up with packs of ramen noodles and plenty of gags along.

cooking channelsJoshua’s YouTube channel Joshua is very known and famous. Every video on his YouTube channel begins similarly by saying, oh hi, I didn’t see you there line, which the people love. The specialty of the track is that it mainly revolves around making the best versions of fast food possible, unlike other unrealistic and high-profile recipes. Joshua breaks Down the recipes in a very simplified manner so that they can easily be recreated at home. Some of his best versions of fast food are Popeye’s chicken sandwich and McDonald’s hash browns. 

chefsteps channelThis youtube channel was brought up by Breville a long time ago, providing easy guides on complicated techniques like how to truss a chicken?. This simple YouTube channel later turned into a huge company that sells online cooking classes and products like Joule Sous. However, the whole company and classes couldn’t go well, and Breville was again back on his channel. However, some of the recipes that it offers are slightly tough to make, but you can always try relying on the simple process it instructs. 

The Bottom Line

These were some of the best recipe channels for students who are just starting to enter the world of cuisine and learn culinary basics. The mentioned channels also offer guides and recipes for new and high-profile dishes.  Hopefully, the students can find the one medium that suits their expectations best.


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